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BodyTone at Ocean Drive Dermatology

It used to be when you achieved your goal weight; that was it. You’d done the best you could, and now it was time to maintain your weight and just deal with the fact that because of age, genetics, or illness, some areas of your body would never look exactly like you wanted. Maybe it was a poochy belly. Or cellulite on your thighs. Or the dreaded bat wings on your arms. You achieved your goal weight! That’s amazing and should be celebrated! Unfortunately, we all know that no matter how great the rest of your body looks, it’s easy to fixate on the areas that don’t live up to your vision for yourself.

Thanks to technology like BodySculp and BodyTone, you don’t have to settle for problem pockets of fat or a loss of muscle mass. Instead, with just a few non-surgical treatments, you will be well on your way to ridding yourself of problematic fat cells forever. Yes, forever!

BodyTone in Vero Beach, FL

What is BodyTone & BodySculp?

Eliminate Fat

Non-surgical body contouring treatments target stubborn pockets of fat by reducing or removing the fat cells through heat, cold, laser, or injections to help sculpt your body. Here at Ocean Drive Dermatology in Vero Beach BodyTone is part of our comprehensive approach to helping you achieve your body sculpting goals. We combine BodySculp, which targets adipose tissue with laser diodes during 30-minute sessions to eliminate fat cells, with BodyTone, designed to strengthen and tone muscles. These lasers do not harm the skin but penetrate the hypodermis to damage the fat cells, which are then eliminated by the lymphatic system during the natural metabolic process. Patients expect to see results within weeks, with final results in roughly three months.

BodyTone uses bio-electric pulses to work out targeted muscles to prevent atrophy and help patients regain muscle mass. BodyTone simulates a heavy workout by twisting, flexing, and contracting specific muscle groups 20,000 times during a session. Body contouring treatments shouldn’t be used as a weight loss method. Instead, these treatments are best for those who have reached their goal weight and have a BMI below 30.

What are the benefits of BodyTone?

Less Cost and Lasting Results

With BodyTone Vero Beach patients can expect numerous benefits of body contouring, including:

  • Up to 30 percent increase in muscle development with BodyTone
  • Non-invasive
  • No downtime
  • BodySculp targets fat that resists diet and exercise
  • Available for abs, thighs, glutes, and arms.
  • Lasting results if a healthy weight is maintained
  • Noticeable results in six weeks
  • Less costly than liposuction

Your BodyTone Consultation

When you meet with your dermatology professional for a consultation at Ocean Drive Dermatology in Vero Beach, Florida, you will discuss your medical history, your body sculpting and BodyTone goals and expectations, the best treatment options, and associated costs. Then, your provider will assess your needs and help you understand the results you can expect for a beautifully sculpted and toned abdomen, buttocks, arms, or thighs.

We are here to answer all your questions and help you plan a treatment that exceeds your expectations.

Your BodyTone Procedure

Goodbye Fat, Hello Abs

Both the BodySculp and BodyTone procedures take 30 minutes or less. During that time, you will lie comfortably while the device paddles are attached to the treatment areas, and the procedure begins.

Both devices are non-invasive and painless. The BodyTone device will emit bioptic impulses through different waveforms to contract, flex, and twist your muscles 20,000 times. This process will re-educate your muscles, strengthen, tone, and rebuild weak muscles and help you regain muscle mass. BodySculp lasers avoid skin and surrounding tissue, only targeting fat cells.

BodyTone Results

After your BodySculp or BodyTone treatment, you can resume your normal activities. You can even go to the gym for your regular workout if you’d like. There are no limitations on what you can or can’t do after treatment. BodySculp kills fat cells, which are then eliminated from your body through the lymphatic system. Patients can expect to see results in six weeks, with final results in about three months. BodyTone re-trains muscles to strengthen, tone, and continue building them over time. You can expect to see results in six to ten weeks, though everyone is different. Call us at Ocean Drive Dermatology now to schedule your consultation and treatment plan, and be prepared for your special occasion!

BodyTone in Vero Beach, FL

BodyTone Recovery and Aftercare

Results You Can Count On

BodySculp and BodyTone are non-invasive, and there are no restrictions on resuming normal activities as soon as your 30-minute session is complete. Treatment plans typically include two sessions a week for six weeks for BodyTone, and three sessions, six weeks apart for BodySculp. You will notice some BodySculp differences immediately, but changes will take place over time, with final changes coming at around three months.

BodyTone Frequently Asked Questions

Non-invasive body contouring treatments such as BodySculp and BodyTone are less expensive than liposuction and plastic surgery and do not carry the risks associated with surgical procedures.

No. Body sculpting and contouring treatments are not covered by insurance.

When was the last time you treated yourself to something really special? When you schedule a consultation at Ocean Drive Med Spa, you are investing in yourself and your health in a way that is clear for the world to see. Schedule your consultation for the self-care you deserve or share the experience with some friends with one of our signature spa parties! Either way, you can soak in the beauty at Ocean Drive Med Spa.

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