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Hip Dip Fillers
in Vero Beach, FL

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Hip Dip Fillers at Ocean Drive Plastic Med Spa

Dermal filler therapy for beautification and rejuvenation of the human face is part of the mainstream and will remain there for the entirety of our lives. Since their use began in the United States in 2003, there has been algorithmic growth in both the supply of these biomaterials as well as the demand by patients for these materials. Our societal past experience with dermal filler therapy was almost exclusively for the face, with an emphasis on volumization and correction of the signs of aging. The future, however, is even brighter than the past, as the future of dermal filler therapy will involve the neck down just as much as the neck up, including procedures such as "hip dip fillers."

In other words, dermal filler therapy is rapidly becoming a mainstay of body contouring, especially with bioinductive dermal fillers.

Hip Dip Fillers in Vero Beach, Florida

What are Hip Dips?

Defining the Gap

With the use of Hip Dip Fillers Vero Beach patients have sought correction for “hip dips” over the last decade. The “Hip Dip” refers to the concavity that occurs between the hip joint insertion and the upper flair of the pelvic bone. It is seen almost routinely in athletic, fit women who are using diet and exercise to elevate and maintain their aesthetic. Hip dips, unlike many other gluteal issues, do NOT require surgical correction. Rather, these issues and concerns are best treated with bioinductive dermal filler therapy.

Fat grafting can be utilized as well, but with the advent and distribution of bioinductive therapy, the need for surgical correction for hip dips has radically fallen. Today, most people get their injections and drive home comfortably. No need for recovery from surgery, no risk of infection, and the results can be modulated to last one to two years or longer, depending on which biomaterial is used for injection.

What is used to correct Hip Dips?

There are three commercially available Hip Dip Fillers in Vero Beach currently available at Ocean Drive Med Spa that allow us to correct hip dips:

Radiesse – (Calcium Hydroxylapatite Microspheres)

Radiesse is a type I collagen induction agent. Introduced by Merz in 2006, Radiesse is one of the major dermal fillers available in the United States market. This product works by creating new youthful collagen tissue. The tissue created lasts up to two years in length. Results are instantaneous, and no post-procedure bandages are required, nor are there any restrictions on activity after 48 hours. This is our most commonly utilized agent for nonsurgical gluteal augmentation.

Hip Dip Fillers Before and After

This patient underwent 30 tubes of Radiesse to her glutes (15cc per side). Results shown at 1 month.

Renuva – (Adipose Derived Stem Cell Therapy)

Renuva is, without question, one of our most exciting offerings. This remarkable injectable therapy allows your body to create its own organic, biologic, vascularized fat. That is correct. This injectable induces the growth of human fat. The most common areas for use of Renuva are the face and the buttock. This material can be used as an augmentation platform, a revisional platform, or for fixing small dents and divots. The value of this product is significant, as all of the fat made is vascularized naturally, and its longevity can be measured in years to decades.

Additional Reading

The overwhelming majority of patients maintain their fat growth for a minimum of five years. The price of this product is much higher than its counterparts, but the value of its longevity cannot be underscored enough. At our practice in Vero Beach Hip Dip Fillers do not necessitate any bandaging or wrapping following the procedure.

Hip Dip Fillers Before and After

Hip Dip Fillers at 1 month. A total of 30cc of Renuva was used, 15cc to each side with a 1:3 dilution.

Sculptra - (Poly-L-Lactic Acid)

Sculptra, or Poly-L-Lactic Acid, is a dermal filler agent that induces the production of collagen by activating an inflammatory pathway. This pathway leads to the creation of type I and type III collagen, both of which provide volume to the buttock and hip areas. The liability of this biomaterial is that it is liquid saline-based, meaning that it will radically migrate throughout the abdomen, especially toward the lower pole/banana roll area. As such, we will ACE wrap all of these patients for at least 2 weeks after the procedure. Results are very gradual, which as compared to Radiesse and Renuva, is also a limitation.

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