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No More Smears

Learn how Microblading can improve your brows and elevate your look today. Tired of the brow gels and pencils that claim nothing can remove them, only to have your brows slide off your face by lunchtime? Are you spending a lot of money to keep your brows looking glamorous but too afraid to check out microblading because it's too permanent? It's time to learn the facts. Thousands of women and men have jumped aboard this exciting cosmetic train to have positive experiences and stunning results with microblading. At Ocean Drive Med Spa, we can answer all your questions about microblading and even give you information you didn't know about it.

Learn more today by scheduling your microblading consultation.

Vero Beach Microblading

Am I a Good Candidate for Microblading?

It is essential to understand your skin type.

Are you oily, dry, flakey? Do you have Rosacea, chronic acne, Keratosis Pilaris? If so, microblading may not be your best option because your skin will not be able to absorb the brow pigment correctly, and your result may look smudged or blurry. However, people with alopecia are a great candidate for microblading. Prior to receiving Microblading Vero Beach patients are advised to discuss their skin conditions with their medical expert directly. Our experts will give you the correct information for your skin type and determine if you are a good candidate for microblading during your consultation.

How do I know if Microblading is right for me?

When you are ready for the appearance of naturally full brows, you will want to meet with one of our medical experts. Your Vero Beach microblading specialist can create natural brows for ALL skin tones and any shade of hair. After all, you want your brows to look multidimensional and natural.

Microblading Procedure

Your aesthetic expert will draw the shape of your eyebrows so you can decide if you prefer more arch or fullness. Once you've agreed on the shape of your brows, she will use a unique tool to make tiny cuts into your skin. The brow pigment is inserted into these cuts, giving you the appearance of tiny eyebrow hairs. Your brow color will match your brow shade and blend in to provide you with natural-looking brows.

Is Microblading a Tattoo?

Microblading is a technique of semi-permanent tattooing by using tiny needles that create realistic hairlike strokes. In addition, the pigment used differs from traditional tattoo inks because the dye particles are less concentrated, giving you softer-looking brows.

Services Menu

Permanent Makeup

Powder Brow

Cosmetic technique where pigment is inserted into the brow area to resemble a powder makeup effect (using tattoo machine)

Lip Blush

Cosmetic tattooing technique where pigment is deposited into the lips using a tattoo machine to achieve a natural colored lip appearance.

Classic Eyeliner

Tattooing of the upper and lower lids to achieve a permanent eyeliner look.

Lash Enhancement

Tattooing between the eyelashes to achieve a fuller lash appearance.

Powder Brow Annual Touch-Up

$188 (2.5 hours)

Eyeliner: Upper and Lower

$875 (3 hours)

Eyeliner: Uppers Only

$750 (2 hours)

Combination Brows (Microblading & Powder)

$688 (2.5 hours)

Permanent Make-Up and Tattoo Lightening

$188 (1-2 hours)

Signature Lavender Rain

$182 (60 min)

Microblading Recovery

Microblading is an outpatient procedure, and no anesthesia is involved so that you can drive yourself home after your appointment. The overall healing process takes about 30 days from your procedure. However, it does depend on how fast your skin heals, which depends on your age, health, and skin type.

During the first two weeks, your brows will change color, texture, and definition as they heal.

Microblading Results

Your results will last from one to three years based on your skin type.

If you have oily skin, your results may fade a little earlier, but touch-ups are available for a lesser cost than your original microblading session.

Schedule Your Microblading Consultation at Ocean Drive Med Spa

Never worry about putting on your face or checking twice if your brows have smeared. Our medical experts have a solution for those who are brow-less or who just want to raise a few brows. Call and schedule your microblading consultation at our Vero Beach location.

When was the last time you treated yourself to something really special? When you schedule a consultation at Ocean Drive Med Spa, you are investing in yourself and your health in a way that is clear for the world to see. Schedule your consultation for the self-care you deserve or share the experience with some friends with one of our signature spa parties! Either way, you can soak in the beauty at Ocean Drive Med Spa.

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