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Another dermal filler? Not this time.

What is the ultimate goal in the fight against aging? The best solution is avoidance of growing old, but unfortunately, aging is part of the human equation. While that particular objective is still out of reach, the best strategy for reducing the physical signs of aging is replacing what we lose with what we used to have. In other words, the best defense against an aged face is to exactly replace what is lost. Enter Renuva, the most advanced injectable therapy on the market. Renuva is not a dermal filler; it is literally a biologic difference engine.

In contrast to synthetic dermal fillers that simply mimic natural tissue and last a few months at most, Renuva stimulates durable, natural human fat growth in treated areas to deliver volume that lasts a decade or more. You read that correctly— ten years or more. Ocean Drive Med Spa’s commitment to providing our clients with the most advanced treatments available allows us to be one of the only providers of Renuva Vero Beach has to offer.

Renuva Ocean Drive

What is Renuva?

To restate, Renuva is a biologic difference engine, not a filler.

Most people do not know this, but the human body stops making fat cells when puberty concludes. This is true for both men and women. Once fat cells cannot be made, weight gain or weight loss is reflected in the size of the fat cell. In other words, if you become overweight, you still have the same number of fat cells as someone who is not overweight. It's just that the overweight person has bigger fat cells than the non-overweight person. The medical term for this effect is called hypertrophy, meaning the cell expands in size rather than dividing and making more cells. This is also true for muscle. I have the same number of muscle fibers as Arnold Schwarzenneger, but his muscle cells are larger than mine! That is why he has a better physique than me. This concept is also true for human fat.

Enter Renuva. Renuva is an injectable allograft adipose matrix that “turns the fat cell switch on.” Once injected, it allows your existing fat cells to divide and volumize as you did in puberty. We refer to Renuva as a biologic difference engine because it creates a true difference in the biology of the injected fat. Renuva is a solution derived from natural and purified human fat that stimulates the growth of new fat cells, allowing your natural fat to replace the solution entirely eventually. While dermal fillers can deliver immediate volume, they cannot cause the regeneration of your biological tissues.

Why is that distinction important? Well, there are a couple of reasons. First of all, even though dermal fillers have evolved to closely resemble natural tissue beneath the skin, they are ultimately synthetic and will likely never achieve the identical look, feel, and animation of natural fat. So why imitate if you can simply duplicate? Furthermore, even the longest-lasting dermal fillers produce results that fade within a couple of years, offering longevity that pales in comparison to that of live tissue. Finally, once injected, Renuva allows fat cells to create a true organic, biologic blood supply.

What can Renuva do?

Renuva effectively delivers targeted natural fat enhancement in the face and body. Echoing applications of dermal fillers, Renuva can reduce signs of aging in the face and hands. Essentially, you can restore volume to any area in which it’s been depleted due to aging or other factors. That’s correct. This product can be used anywhere human fat exists!

This makes Renuva a perfect solution for men and women looking for natural and durable results for facial rejuvenation. Common facial applications include the cheeks, chin, jawline, nasolabial folds, and temples. Beyond facial applications, Renuva is without question the “gold standard” for gluteal augmentation without surgery or anesthesia, in our opinion. At Ocean Drive Med Spa in Vero Beach Renuva can be used effectively to durably increase gluteal volume. Without question, this is the most common usage nationally, as the “year of the rear” continues.

Benefits of Renuva versus surgical Brazilian Butt Lifting starts with safety. While BBL surgeries continue to be the riskiest procedure offered in Plastic Surgery, Renuva has a flawless safety record regarding gluteal augmentation. Renuva is also avidly utilized as an adjunct to cosmetic breast augmentation, repair of liposuction “dents and dips,” and treatment of cellulite. It can also be utilized for durable hand rejuvenation. Simply put, this remarkably versatile and safe product is the next quantum leap forward in injectable therapy for aging.

Is Renuva right for me?

Renuva is an ideal treatment option for subtle and natural volume restoration or enhancement. Although Renuva results will develop gradually, it may not be the proper treatment if instant results are important to you. Although your full results from Renuva can take months to develop, the longer process may be a worthwhile trade-off for natural results that can last five times as long as even the best calcium or hyaluronic acid-based fillers.

If you are specifically interested in regenerative treatment, Renuva may be your holy grail of cosmetic treatments.

Renuva Vero Beach

What to expect during Renuva

Your minimally invasive Renuva treatment will take approximately 30 minutes.

Your Vero Beach Renuva injection specialist will first mark the target area to ensure precise injection. Next, you will receive local anesthesia to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. The number of injections you receive will depend entirely on the size of the treatment area and the amount of volume needed to achieve your desired results. All patients undergoing Renuva therapy will require a “touchup” injection in 6-8 weeks to maximize results.

Schedule your Vero Beach Renuva consultation with Ocean Drive Med Spa

If you would like to experience one of the most advanced regenerative treatments on the market today, please feel free to schedule your consultation for Renuva in Vero Beach, Florida. During your consultation, one of our skilled professionals will listen to your concerns and assess the associated areas to determine if Renuva is right for you. We are excited to share this cutting-edge technology with you and look forward to seeing your results!


Renuva treatment involves zero downtime so that you can return to your regular daily routine immediately after your appointment. Renuva is considered a “lunch break” procedure as it’s short enough to be performed within your lunch hour, and you’ll feel perfectly well to return for the remainder of your workday.

Mild swelling or redness may occur, but this should subside quickly and is no cause for concern. Occasionally, some clients require more than one treatment session to achieve their best results. In this case, you may undergo two or three sessions over the course of several weeks.


Within 12 weeks of your last session, you should realize the full scope of your Renuva results. As your results will last ten years or more, you won’t have to worry about scheduling a single maintenance session for at least a decade. While a lot may change between now and then, you will experience every moment of it with youthful and natural volume tailored to your natural features.

When was the last time you treated yourself to something really special? When you schedule a consultation at Ocean Drive Med Spa, you are investing in yourself and your health in a way that is clear for the world to see. Schedule your consultation for the self-care you deserve or share the experience with some friends with one of our signature spa parties! Either way, you can soak in the beauty at Ocean Drive Med Spa.

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